Nexus 9 Slashed By 40% With Free Logitech Keyboard

Nexus 9 Slashed

HTC fans going to love this post, Hot Deals from HTC changes weekly, there are weeks which features exclusive discounts on its accessories, others weeks getting something with some hardware offers.

Nexus 9 Slashed

But for this week, it is all about Nexus 9 and what’s hot with it is that its retail price slashed by up to forty percent. This super slash sale is not the first time that the company discounted its unit specially Nexus 9 that much, but HTC often sell out units fast.

But for this time it is added with a perk, but this offer is only for those who are interested in 32 GB tablet.

As usual orders up to 200 on Nexus 9 32GB LTE will get extra bonus, free Logitech Bluetooth Keyboard from Logitech, this keyboard noted as the best keyboard in the market and even featured on most of the reviews last July of 2015.

From original price of $599 down to $359 and take not of the additional $70 off on keyboard, honestly the deal is pretty good and one would not afford to miss this rare offer from the company. The deal is similar to what we have seen last Black Friday, but the difference was that they had to give keyboards on the first 500 orders.

So to clear it out, Nexus 9 down to $239.40 originally from $399 that is for 16GB, and 32GB from $479 down to $287.40. The company is also giving discount to all of its accessories up to 40%.

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