Nick Cannon in trouble for tweeting Samsung ad with iPhone

Use Twitter on a Samsung? Ain't nobody got time for that.
Use Twitter on a Samsung? Ain’t nobody got time for that.

For those of us who knew this guy post 2008, we only know him as the guy who came into limelight for marrying Mariah Carey. He’s also known for making several appearances at America’s Got Talent and finally landing a role as one of the main hosts in the talent-hunt reality show where he momentarily dishes out burns and jokes on participants reminding us he used to/is still a comedian.

Well, Nick Cannon’s latest stunt is no joke at all and could cost him his partnership with T-Mobile and land him where companies would be afraid of striking endorsement deals with the TV star.

Nick Apple Samsung

Cannon tweeted a message meant to promote Samsung’s Galaxy S6 on T-Mobile…with an Apple iPhone. As if the deed was not bad enough, he ended the tweet with an #ad hash tag, calling out the whole world to know that Samsung and T-Mobile has paid him to do something which should supposedly be kept secret — the back-room details of the act.

 The message is even still up on Twitter as we speak despite several users calling out the mistake."
The message is even still up on Twitter as we speak despite several users calling out the mistake.”

Last year, Ellen the Generous helped Samsung promote their Galaxy Note 3 phablet at the Oscars by snapping and tweeting a star-studded selfie. We only got to know it was a sponsored stunt after she was spotted backstage with her iPhone moments after “marveling” on the Samsung smartphone.

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