Nigerians can now trade their old iPhones for a brand new iPhone 6s


Every year, smartphone makers try to outdo themselves from the products they released last year and also, try to outdo their fellow competitors so as to drive much more market share towards themselves which favors the ever-wanting consumers and gives us new technology to chew and even greater cutting edge features to munch on. The release of new phones every year doesn’t only bring with it new specifications but new problems on how to get one, or what to do with the old one, constituting an electronic waste.

Apple has launched an initiative in a lot of places to combat this as the idea of phone replacements is fast gaining traction. Apple allows you trade in your old iPhone for a new one at a lesser cost that you’d buy a new one or better still, trade in more than one at once to cover your costs. This nice initiative has also been brought to Nigeria now allowing you to trade in your phones at the iStore in Ikeja mall.

Simply register an account at iStore Nigeria’s official website and a voucher would be sent to you via email. This is your trade-in voucher that you can then use at the iStore location to trade your iPhone for a newer one.

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