No need to wait, get the iPhone 6 in gold with just…£2,400!

iPhone 6 gold Alexandar Amosu (2)

With just a few hours remaining before the Apple iPhone 6 goes official a jewelry firm named Alexander Amosu says you can buy one of the unannounced iPhones already, but then, this attracts a £2,400 price-tag.

iPhone 6 gold Alexandar Amosu (2)
Alexander Amosu offers the 24-carat-gold-plated iPhone 6 in both Yellow and Rose flavors and you’ll just have two days to wait for the product to get to you.

iPhone 6 gold Alexandar Amosu
You’ll also get a £150 Amosu leather case for free when you buy the phone — that’s like buying a gold watch and wearing it inside an expensive sack, much sarcasm.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t get any specs for the iPhone 6 Amosu is selling on their website but then on a second though, people who could churn out £2,400 on a phone rarely know about specs and all those “geeky” stuff.

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