No Nexus Smartphone Update This Year For LG

No Nexus Series for 2016

During the recently held Mobile World Congress, LG confirmed that they will not release Nexus phone for this year. Of course this was confirmed by the official spokesperson of LG and its plans with CNET, LG will focus in its brand.

No Nexus Series for 2016

The information may sound a surprise for LG Nexus 4, 5 and 5X users, considering that Nexus devices that were produced by LG gain popularity in the mobile market.  The company saying that they are happy with the result and its good partnership with Google revealed that Nexus requires resources that can be used on all LG phones.

The spokesperson revealed its plans to restart sales in the second-edition of LG Watch Urbane LTE second half this year, in which this has been pulled out on market shelves due to hardware issue on the device display. Apart from Urbane LTE, LG also planning their second smartwatch, though we have no more details about the initial information.

Looking with the Nexus 4, this was officially launched way back 2012 then Nexus 5 in the next year. The company took 2014 as Nexus break and on 2015 Nexus 5X was introduced.

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