Nokia Android phones by “original” Nokia in tow?

Reports quick gathering dust over the past the few hours are pointing towards the Finnish former phone making giant resurrecting it’s phone business once again.

Nokia reinvented
Even after selling Nokia Devices & Services to Microsoft, Nokia still retained the rights to use it’s name on products including but not limited to computers and…mobile phones.

The former phone maker is said to be on a hiring spree via LinkedIn where it posted some vacancies for engineers, camera scientists and designers.

However, one spot got us thinking. It;s the spot where said it was looking for “a mobile photography engineer with experience writing camera drivers for Android”. This means one thing — Nokia is back in the phone business and it’s finitely Android, or something that has to do with Android.

Microsoft is already porting future devices by their own Nokia division to bear “Nokia by Microsoft” branding so this could mean that we might see some classic Nokia phones again but that might be very hard to achieve, considering that Nokia had lost most of their technologies and patents to the PC giant.

Over to you readers. If you ever saw a “real” Nokia smartphone running on Android in the future, will  you buy?

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