Nokia branding on phones will be entirely replaced by Microsoft

No more Microsoft Nokia

Back in June when the Lumia 830 was still in it’s early stages, a pre-production unit of the smartphone was leaked online showing a Nokia Made By Microsoft branding on the phone. However, after the phone debuted last week, we couldn’t see anything Microsoft on the device but wait till you hear this…
Microsoft phones branding
According to industry insiders, the Nokia Lumia 830, Nokia Lumia 735 and the Nokia Lumia 730 are the last three smartphones from Microsoft that will bear the “Nokia” name. This was contained on an internal document at Microsft that found it’s way into our newsroom.

After Microsoft’s plans to kill off their feature phones materializes, we’ll get to only see Microsoft Lumia smartphones only. You should in mind that the “other” Nokia — the parent company of Nokia Devices & Services are suspected to be working on making Nokia phones once again and this time, it’s going to be a full blown Android experience altogether.

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