Nokia by Microsoft? Wait, what?

microsoft and nokia logoMicrosoft is not going to entirely ditch the legendary Nokia brand name as previously suggested –that would have been completely stupid. Instead they are going to use the moniker in a smart way that includes their own way.

Out Nokia, welcome Nokia by Microsoft.

Yes, that’s what phones made by Microsoft from the previously named Nokia Devices will be branded, and there’s a picture to back it up.
lumia 830
Pictured above is an alleged Lumia 830 an it’s boldly labeled Nokia by Microsoft. However, it may sound weired if someone told you he just bought a Nokia by Microsoft Lumia 830. Crazy, isn’t it?

On a second thought, Microsoft might just retain the full Nokia brand name. Chances are that the above phone might still be called a Nokia Lumia 830; And the Nokia by Microsoft label might just to tell you that Nokia has changed ownership, and maybe things have improved in new products.

The Nokia Lumia 830 (we are OK with this name) above is alleged to be having a 4.5-inch display and the picture depicts a 13MP camera while the release date is billed for later this year.

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