Nokia confirms interest in making mobile phones once again

Nokia mobile phones again
Mostly anyone who is old enough own a smartphone today will remember vividly the days of old Nokia phones. Days when mobile phones come in different shapes and sizes. Some were sliding, some classic, while others were flip phones. It didn’t stop phones as weired as the Nokia NGage from popping out every now and then.

All that went to sleep immediately after Steve Jobs and Apple announced the iPhone on that faithful 2007 night. Ever since then, phones took a sudden twist with most trying to look like the touchscreen-only iPhone that ran on iOS. Android was the gateway as Apple never allowed anyone to use it’s OS while the former was presented by Google free of charge and it made mobile phones look as cool (if not better) than the Apple iPhone.

That was the beginning of the end of Nokia. The Finnish company didn’t bother about the look of smartphones at first but when their sales were reduced by a huge chunk in 2010, Nokia made touchscreen smartphones out of the then popular Symbian OS, but that didn’t sell.

Some years later, the company collapsed totally in terms of mobile phones and Microsoft came forward to purchase what was left of the Nokia Devices & Services from Nokia Oyj. The Internet was bewildered last week when the PC giant announced it isn’t going to use Nokia on it’s mobile phones again and here is what Nokia Oyj had to say.

“…on brand, we have not really spoken about anything else that we have looked at different business models, what other people have been using on brand and we will of course carefully assess what would be the best way for us to maximize the value of the Nokia brand, also taking into account that we’re in the lock-up period still in the Microsoft transaction regarding our possibility to use the brand and we have recognized that Nokia brand is the most valuable from recognition perspective in the area of mobile phones and mobile devices. And there we cannot go yet at the moment.”

There have been a few whispers over Nokia developing mobile phones again and the recent job hunt for engineers confirmed that the guys might soon get their hands dirty on the phone business once again. However, nothing confirms that Nokia is going back to manufacturing mobile phones than this.

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