Nokia Lumia 520 now $29 in the Land Of The Free

If you live in the United States and looking around for a good bargain on an entry-level Windows Phone, now might be your best opportunity to do so as Microsoft is offering Nokia’s most popular Windows-powered smartphone for just $29 (70% cut from $99.99).
Nokia Lumia 520 phone
In case you are wondering if the Nokia Lumia 520 is unlocked, yes, it is, even though it’s listed with “AT&T Go Phone” but then clearly stated as “No Contract.”

Lumia 520 $29
The sales page shows that over 8,000 copies has been sold and there’s a huge chance the smartphone will climb back to its previous pricing in a short while or maybe when 10,000 customers buy the product but the, that’s just our guess. This seems to be the biggest discount offered on the smartphone. Earlier this year, the same listing offered the Lumia 520 for $50.

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