Nokia Lumia 520 has sold over 12 million units since launch

Nokia’s bestselling Windows Phone smartphone (and the bestselling Windows Phone smartphone generally), the Lumia 520, has crossed 12 million activations, the Microsoft-owned company announced.

The figure includes sales of the Lumia 521 which is a T-Mobile-exclusive version of  the phone. However, the press release didn’t mention whether sales of the Nokia Lumia 525 were counted in or not.

Nokia Lumia 520 has over12 million sales
The success of the Lumia 520 shouldn’t come as a surprise as the phone uses it’s sub $150 price-tag to suppress other phones in the Windows ecosystem where it had over 30% of the market share as of last year.

The announcement of the Lumia 520’s success comes at the heels of Microsoft’s preparation of outing the Nokia Lumia 530, which is expected to succeed the Lumia 520.

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