Nokia Lumia 929 poses proudly with Verizon branding

Nokia Lumia 929 is the smaller brother of the huge Lumia 1520 phablet at 5″ display whereas the later sports a 6″ display. The Lumia 929 now looks bound for Verizon as two different leaked pictures of the yet-to-be-announced Windows 8 smartphone clearly shows US carrier, Verizon, proudly branded on the device.

Nokia Lumia 929 poses proudly with Verizon branding
The Lumia 929 is coming along with a 20MP camera and a ‘fast’ Snapdragon processor. At a rumoured price of $500 for a factory-unlocked version, or $99 on contract, the Nokia Lumia 929 won’t be announced anytime soon unless the shutdown of the United States government is reversed. The US federal shut-down meant the closure of regulatory body, FCC, who’s job is to review and approve new phones in the North American country.


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