Nokia Oyj is actually making products, yes, products

Nokia phone production

‘The other Nokia’, the parent company now headed by Rajeev Suri that sold Nokia Devices&Services to Microsoft for $7.2 billion earlier this year, is investing it’s profit in devices again, we can authoritatively tell you now.

Nokia phone production
Last week, job hirings for designers, camera specialists and a mobile photography engineer “with experience writing camera drivers for Android” sent the Internet into some sort of excitement, hinting that Nokia might start up a mobile phone manufacturing unit again.

In the LinkedIn job posting, Nokia said it was “establishing a new businesses…focusing on physical and digital products and services for consumers directly or through other customer companies.”

The above statement means a lot of things. One means that Nokia could outsource production for devices via Foxconn et al. Another way you can see it is that Nokia wants to strengthen it’s Nokia  Z Android launcher and or make more apps for Android.

The first idea is more likely, as Nokia had been writing software after the Microsoft deal without much attention and hirings here and there. So what this means is that Nokia is probably going to make an Android-powered smartphone or device soon.

And don’t forget. The Finnish coy still has maximum rights to use it’s name on future products. Microsoft is ready to rename their own Nokia to “Nokia By Microsoft” so the sky is very much blue for Nokia and Nokia phone.

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