Nokia’s Comeback With Old And New Rebirth Concept

Looking back in the early days of mobile phones when Nokia N73 was leading the market, but now we are doing to share to you interesting design that is a rebirth of Nokia N73.

Nokia Rebirth N73

This time the company ideas was nostalgia makes mobile market wonder about possibilities for a brand new Nokia handset.

As we all know that Microsoft acquired Lumia brand, and as to date Nokia was unable to produce new phone device in the market till this year. As we know that there are rumors regarding Nokia C1 though this could be somewhat the first among its line up the will be run by android based Smartphone, but still this information are not official.

While its fans wait for more information, all we can do as of now is to share its concept design that was seen on Daniscelus from DevianArt. In particular it was a reminiscent of N73, though the basic device format is very similar to the old one but the idea manages to add some new aspects into the mix.

The posted image shows all sides of Rebirth Nokia N73 and this time the handset is built in metal trim. Whether this will be the upcoming Nokia N73 Rebirth, we are still doubtful as what we believed with the company.

Though this was an interesting idea, there been rumors that next Nokia device will be using the Chinese manufacturer.

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