Nokia’s Return in Producing Mobile Phones a Hoax or Not

Our source confirmed that Nokia’s A1 “scoop” was just part of the April Fools’ Day prank. And for sure not just us, but many become a victim with it. While many have hope for the company’s return in mobile production, it will actually happen but you have to wait next April for the next April fool’s day.

Nokia’s Return in Producing Mobile Phones a Hoax

A certain rumor that points out to Nokia’s comeback in mobile production happened last 2013, but there was no follow-up information about it and it remains at dark.

When Nokia’s Mobile business bought by Microsoft way back 2013 the firm was then blocked from manufacturing new branded Nokia phones till 2016, and it seems that now is 2016 and it will be the time for them to come back and perhaps the company is now preparing for its remarkable return.

The leak that we are telling you now was from our insider source, and this suggest that Nokia A1 now ready to release its comeback device middle of 2016.

The device design somewhat different from its last devices, capacitive keys on front for easy navigation and plastic back, but for this time it will have a diverse grain.

Based from the initial information, it seems that the returning mobile giant aims to target middle range market, we emailed company’s support for confirmation but we haven’t received any reply from them.

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