The NVIDIA Shield K1 tablet goes out of stock everywhere

If you have been a fan of NVIDIA’s products and have been looking forward to get the latest NVIDIA Shield Tablet K1, we do not mean to rain on your parade but it would surely burst your bubble to know that the device is currently out of stock from major retailers.


First, the company’s official website was checked and you cannot but notice the abscence of their latest and very new device. Next up, we hit up Amazon and Newegg and both produced the same results. The only diference in the case of Amazon was that you could still get the device, but from third party retailers.

The device is still very new in its age of production and the company themselves are yet to release an official statement as to why their device is currently out of stock but we have chosen to believe that this is due to some production issues rather than the brand discontinuing this line of smartphone so early.

Whatever it is, we hope for an official statement soon.

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