Its official! Samsung to disconnect Note 7 units in the US on 16th December

Its official! Samsung to disconnect Note 7 units in the US on 16th December

It was sometimes earlier yesterday when we announced that Samsung might be looking to roll out a new update that would make sure that the units of the Note 7 that are still out there would not charge anymore and unlike the last one, would not only limit them to 60% of charge. This was said to be in an aggressive bid to bring back all the units of the device that are still out there before they start to cause harm again and this has further cemented what we have been believing for a while that they have really discontinued the production of this model of the Note series.
From what we have at hand now, it can be confirmed that this news is in fact true ad the only thing that was wrong with the last announcement was the date that was reported as the 15th of December which is now in actual fact, the 19th day of this same month.
From the mouth of Samsung themselves, the work of this new update that they would be rolling out is to prevent the devices from charging at all and in that sense, no one would be able to use them as mobile phones anymore. If you still have one of these lying around, now might be a good time to go exchange.

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