Now Officially Available  OnePlus One OxygenOS 2.1.4

It was 2015 when OnePlus officially launched its second device, in the past it was not based on Cyanogen operating system.

Now Officially Available  OnePlus One OxygenOS 2.1.4

After few months OnePlus was rumored developing its own OS identified as OxygenOS in which this ended as the newest operating system that runs on its flagship device identified as OnePlus X and OnePlus 2.

So this time, the  company announced that it had successfully developed the creation of custom version of the rumored OxygenOS now official for OnePlus smartphone series, and this is now available for download.

While this OxygenOS 2.1.4 for OPOO shares similar features in OnePlus 2, it seems that few deviations have been made due to some issues on device hardware compatibility issues. Like the, MaxxAudio’s technology and other related tools were removed, both manual camera and the RAW format options were removed too.

So obviously based from our team research, the device has no fingerprint support like other brands do and screen temperature slider was neither not included.

But it has dark Mode Feature in which the device turns entire black, with some options to choose that will suit users taste. And also user has the ability to install its custom icon to fully customize device look and feel owner interface.

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