Now Officially Launching Samsung’s Galaxy S7 and Samsung’s S7 Edge

Many Samsung fans are waiting for this big announcement, today Samsung launched their official flagship device the Galaxy S7 and Edge at New Delhi.

Now Officially Launching Samsung’s Galaxy S7 and Samsung’s S7 Edge

Samsung Galaxy S7 has a price tag of Rs 47,000 ($699) while S7 Edge has a price tag of Rs 54,000 ($799). Both Samsung S7 and Edge continue to compete with its mobile rival Apple improving from its previous flagship device in device performance and the phone design as well.

Though S6 series was the favorite Smartphone’s last 2015, the issue on bulging device camera and the non expandable memory pulled the company down into complete success over Apple in terms of overall mobile sales.

During the launch event, Samsung obviously focused on major improvements in its device camera, the gaming experience, overall design, and the device user interface.

So talking with design, Samsung stuck to standards set by S6 and market are not complaining as the device was totally gorgeous. But Samsung however made some minor changes like the shrinking camera bulge, clear angles in which the device curves. This time the device seem to be built with dust and water resistance by just sealing the components inside instead of just putting a waterproof device coating as what we see on S5.

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