OLED iPhone sparks Competition Between LG, Samsung And Other Giant Mobile Brands

News today points out that Apple and Samsung just signed contract for them to supply 60,000 or more flexible OLED panels every month.

OLED iPhone sparks Competition

This situation puts Samsung as leading in the position OLED screens suppliers for Apple’s future switch in the iPhone screen display technology, with LG, Japan, and Foxconn said running to serve Apple’s secondary supplier.

At this point, Apple’s self development OLED iPhone display almost open secret, with LG’s and Japan both making a significant investment in expanding its production capacity competing Apple’s business.

Notably, this two giant suppliers expecting their latest facilities to come in 2018, the rumored year in which Apple switching its established LCD panels to self-illuminating OLED.

While this two giant Korean display screen makers evidently favored by the giant firm Apple and undoubtedly the most experienced company in terms of producing OLED panels.  There’s the dark competition of Foxconn. A company that Apple relies extensively and it will complete its protracted takeover of the giant firm Sharp, this will be a great deal for display manufacturing competition in the mobile manufacturing.

To sum up, as Apple’s apparently faster in its road-map, Foxconn have to look more in order to compete in later generations of iPhone.

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