All In One Android Pay To Go Live in United Kingdom Next Month

Mobile payments surely have its room in the future, this time this feature has becoming the mainstream of most device manufacturer around the globe.

All In One Android Pay To Go Live in United Kingdom Next Month

This feature can be easily adopted by most manufacturers as it runs on smartphones. As LG Pay has already set in action, Samsung, Google and even Apple all of them has this kind of technology to its clients.

Namely Samsung Pay, Apple Pay and now the Android Pay allows user to complete its transactions with the help of mobile banking, thanks to NFC chips contained in most devices.

As to date, Apple Pay service was the only one active in United Kingdom, leaving number of consumers in the industry, as we know more than half smartphones sold in the market run by Android.  This was according to a study..

However our sources confirmed that the latest Android Pay will go live in Britain in the next month, six months after it was launched in United States.

While card issuers did not confirmed the information, the availability of terminals in UK certainly hints major banks to take advantage, as we know Apple analogue prove successful and continually rising.

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