A Quick View With HTC’s One S9 Smartphone

HTC announced its latest Smartphone as it  successfully launched its new flagship device the HTC 10. It’s called the One S9.

One S9 Smartphone From HTC

So the two device model seems to be confusing as most mistakenly identify HTC10 as One S9, so we have here some details about HTC’s One S9. This device was in the “mid-range” device category. This means that its components aren’t that best, but overall still into a nice looking device package. Sports 2 gigabytes RAM at 1080 pixel screen, 16 gigabytes phone storage expandable with the use of microSD, and 13MP camera. But it has no fingerprint feature.

It has Helio X10 SoC processor from MediaTek, an outfit that makes cheap processors that most people normally look down. But overall, it powers at the “mid-range” category of Android phones.

How do we say this, why this One S9 exist and why it was called like that, as it does not really look like an One A9 from HTC, it looks like One M9. So the “One” is part of the name, means top of the line, but we are not sure about it. The “S” was part either. Though 9 is 1 less than the 10, and phone also has “One” in its name.

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