OnePlus 2 currently retails for $239.99 on eBay


The smartphone market waits for no one and the speed with which it moves is what causes mobile phone manufacturers to always be in the market for new ideas that would help them keep up with the trends.

As with their old releases then, it would get to a time when they would not be as appealing as they were during launch and the only way to bring them under the spotlight again and get people to notice is by creating deals for such devices.

To pick one device and make it a case study for now, we are happy to inform you that you can snag a unit of the OnePlus 2 for a price of $239.99 from a most recent deal that showed up on eBay. Despite the shortcomings of this smartphone, one of which was the fact that it failed to live up to expectation and take over well from its predecessor, it did compensate for its flaws with the presence of a nice display, great loudspeaker and a fingerprint sensor that works smoothly.

If you want to know how good a deal you are getting, recall that upon launch, the smartphone was announced for nothing less than $389, and this runs the Android Marshmallow build under custom Oxygen OS.

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