OnePlus 2 gets two major updates

OnePlus has rolled out new updates to their OnePlus Two smartphone and when we mean updates, we are taking note of the extra ā€˜sā€™ behind that because not one has been released but two different packages. As we all know, OnePlus has their own special version of software that they release to the Android platform and for this latest update, they have termed it Oxygen 3.1.0.

The update has been specially made to fix most of the QuadRooter problems that are facing android devices and has also included the security patch for the new month. To get this update for yourself, just head into settings and manually request for update.

The entire changelog has addressed some issues that the smartphone has with notifications and the Doze Mode has also been improved. For the alert slider, there is a new media sound toggle and the august security update patch for Android has been included.

Asides from the genera QuadRooter patch that we have already made mention of, we are sure that there would be some bug fixes in there likewise.

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