OnePlus 2: 10 things you should expect

2014 did show up with a blast as we witnessed some of the most outstanding smartphones in the market. OnePlus too brought up their spectacular winner of the 2014’s phone of the year award, the OnePlus One. No doubt the phone had been designed to intrigue the customers with its excellent set of features. The company’s flagship device surely did its trick and won the hearts of many. Now, after its success, it’s time to witness the magic of their new model in this series. OnePlus 2 is said to launch in a few days (July 2015), and it’s already gained a lot of fans, just as expected.

There have been a lot of reports, leaks and posts all over the internet about the features the phone is going to pack in it. Some are rumours while other features are what we do expect to be there in the phone. It’s anticipation in the market is inevitable, and people will be lining up to get their hands on one. If you are still not familiar with what all features the OnePlus 2 will be offering to the users, then this post will help clear your doubts. So, let’s take a look at ten features the phone is said to be possessing.


The design of the previous model was a decent one. This is one of the most anticipated features that the people are looking forward to. Moreover, the screen-size is also under question. Whether it will stick to a 5.5-inch display and would it accompany bezels this time. Some say that pictures of the phone were leaked, which showed that it did not have bezels. We’ll soon find that out. The phone is bound to offer an exemplary look, but we will have to wait for its launching to see that.


The display is also said to be a full HD one. It might also accompany Gorilla Glass 4 with the full-HD screen.  However, a quad HD screen might not be there as it would greatly increase the budget of the phone. After all, the price is one of the prime factors about this phone.



The OnePlus 2 is said to offer a Snapdragon 810 chipset. Moreover, it would be v2.1. OnePlus had also told in news that the previous Qualcomm 810 used in phones such as Xperia z3+ and LG G Flex will not be used as that caused heating issues. They would be going for a second generation chipset, which would reduce heating issues. Moreover, usage of graphite coating and the thermal gel will be there to ensure that there is minimum heating.

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The primary camera is said to be a 16MP camera. The front will be a 5MP camera. Camera lovers will surely find it intriguing to witness some new camera-based features in the phone. You might get features such as low-light sensors, etc. However, there is also news that says that the camera will be 13MP. So, the precise details are yet to be found out. Fans would surely love to see 4K video recording etc. in the phone.


5.Internal memory

Similar to the OnePlus One, the phone is most likely to feature two variants. One could be a 16GB handset while the other a 64GB one. An expandable slot is yet to confirm, but we would surely love one this time.


6.RAM and Graphic processing

The high-end processor chips are going to require high GPU and RAM power. For that, the device will surely have at least 3 GB RAM. The GPU chipset might be Adreno 430. Users are looking forward to smooth performance for which these chipsets are quite efficient.

oneplus 2 4g ram


Taking a look at the software the phone will offer, the phone will feature Cyanogen OS with Android v5.1 Lollipop. The phone will also be offering customizable skins through Google. The UI is definitely going to be super smooth.


Connectivity features in the OnePlus 2 will consist of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth v4.1, 3G, USB type-C and LTE. USB Type-C had, till now, been under use by Apple devices. However, the OnePlus 2 will be using this USB type with a variety of features. Most of you might be familiar with this technology, which is also referred to as a universal USB port. This is also one of the top features that the phone possesses. And, people are really excited about it. As till now only Apple devices had this, but not anymore.

9.Fingerprint Scanning

There is also another spectacular feature that is to be seen in the device. OnePlus 2 is said to offer a fingerprint scanner as well. The company itself confirmed it, and this makes the device even more approachable. Most of all, the device will feature a scanner that is claimed to be far superior to the TouchID feature in the Apple gadgets. Competition is bound to be faced by Apple and other similar companies from this start-up company.



You might get an awesome battery backup with this device. It is said to be up to 3500 mAh. Though, we still have to find that out. The previous model had 3100 mAh so the battery on the new one cannot be less than that, hopefully. So, battery performance and expectations are no doubt going to be top-notch.


The price of the phone is still not confirmed, but it surely can be guessed. We can expect the device to around 300 to 350 USD. OnePlus has offered a great device with a great price in the past. And now, yet again, people have high hopes for this device and do hope that this multi-featured phone will deliver a cost-effective price with the monster specs will be delivering to the people. July 27th is coming up and with that the inevitable release of the successor to one of the greatest phones that ever existed. Let’s hope these features are true and top-notch.

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