OnePlus introduces new protection plans for OnePlus 2

OnePlus is known for its ‘trying’ devices in the smartphone market and although we all agree that since they are just starting out, this might be new for them, OnePlus has never had a breakthrough in customer service. It is then imperative for the Chinese smartphone manufacturer to seek improvement in this sector and they have started out on the right path to do that, introducing warranty plans for OnePlus users that are situated in India and Europe. It is said that they are still in the works to partner up with suitable agencies which would be able to provide these type of services to United States and Canadian users likewise.

OnePlus 2 Never Settle
OnePlus 2.

The optional warranty service which has been named On Guard is provided in Europe by Simplesurance for European customers and for the Indian customers, they have B2X OnePlus Service2 and Protect2.

This warranty / insurance protection plan would be able to account for accidents such as breakage due to dropping and even water damages. The insurance plan is available for purchase at the point of sale of the device or within fifteen days. This would mean that early birds to get the OnePlus 2 are left out, which is a rather big letdown.

European markets would see the On-Guard insurance plan come to them at a price of €39.99 for just 12 months and purchasing a 2-year plan would be at €64.99. On the Indian side of the world, the B2X service would set you back Rs. 999 while the B2X Protect costs Rs. 1,299 , all being a year plans.

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