OnePlus in muddy waters over OnePlus 3’s battery draining update

When the OnePlus 3 was initially launched by OnePlus, they set the whole of the smartphone industry abuzz because never before has anyone seen such value for money in the high end market. Run by a QUALCOMM snapdragon 820 chipset which guarantees a very fast performance coupled with the superior camera quality, it was more than a good bargain for those that got the phone for its release price of $400 which as at the time was about half of what the iPhone 6s Plus and Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge cost.

One Plus 3 back

When the OnePlus 3 came out to much positive reviews from all and sundry, little did the manufacturers know that these same customers would be coming for their throats very soon. With the new software update that was sent to the device, battery drain has now gone to a whole new level with users reporting a 1% drop in every 4 minutes.

Although the software update did good to improve the RAM of the device and bring on better colour adaptation features, the issues that the phone has when it comes to battery life has now been brought to the very fore.

Killing suspected battery draining apps and even uninstalling them didn’t seem to give any changes and for this, OnePlus either has to get their game tight and back or they risk losing a huge chunk of customers on their next launch.

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