OnePlus One could be getting the Nougat 7.0 update, but there’s a catch

The OnePlus One is already some two and a half years into the market and if you have been in the Android scene for long, you would find out that the devices that run on this kind of OS are usually rare to get updates as opposed to Apple line-ups. That is why after we have seen the OnePlus One updated three times over its course of living in the market, no one would expect the Asian company to roll out the update to the Nougat to this one.

Also, the QUALCOMM snapdragon 801 chipset in there is an old chipset which would not be able to carry all of the hassles of the Nougat but surprisingly, we have seen this same device in GFXBench and GeekBench in the past and all of these time, it was running on the latest dessert to hit Androids.

While this might have gotten a lot of people excited, we are here to burst your bubble by telling you that the OnePlus One would never get updated past the current Marshmallow build that it runs on and if you would like to see some Nougat offering, you could start to look the way of third party ROM developers like the one that has made this porting to the device.

Currently being tested, we think that it would be a great addition should you opt to leave the realm of official updates and get this from a third party developer but be rest assured that you might not be able to get the full functions of the Nougat on such a fairly aged device.

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