OnePlus To Reveal Their Newest Flagship Smarpthone This April

In an exclusive interview with the Carl Pie the OnePlus founder, he revealed that OnePlus 3 is already on its way for the official launching which will took even in the second quarter of 2016.

OnePlus To Reveal Their Newest Flagship Smarpthone This April

While on the interview process, Pie teases its fans on the device specifications and its special features, but he did not elaborate in a much detail the upcoming one but instead hints the viewers about the device would have a killer design as what OnePlus One has.

Other than the device design, no further information has been revealed during the teasing interview with the founder. Pei commented how OnePlus 2 has its market weakness with less interesting smartphone design comparing to its first generation and he hopes that this time the new smarpthone device will offer something that can capture the markets feeling.

United States will be the top market priority of the company this 2016. OnePlus 3 is the fourth device produced by the company at a reasonable price, so the company expects that this action will become more attractive by offer a cheaper device at a flagship range.

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