OnePlus rumoured to be working on the OnePlus 4, to use SD-830 chipset and 23MP camera

We have heard that we would soon start to see shortages of the beloved OnePlus 3 device on the market and that is due to no other reason than the fact that the AMOLED screens that are used on this device are in tight demand and they can’t meet up with the production. For this reason, we have already heard of an alternative called the OnePlus 3T and while this one has shown its face a little to suggest that it is not just a ruse, there seems to be the OnePlus 4 on the minds of this manufacturer likewise.

From some of the digging that have already been done on Weibo, this one is expected to carry the newest snapdragon 80 chipset from QUALCOMM and with this kind of chipset at its heart, it would be able to reach a total of 3.0GHz which would be powered by a 4000mAh battery on the latest Almighty when it comes to Androids – the Nougat flavour.

From what we have heard in the past, it had been suggested that the OnePlus 4 could have up to 8GB of RAM on it and then use a main camera unit of 23MP. While all of these should be taken with a pinch of salt, it is better we just turn our attentions to the OnePlus 3T which could hit us in the face anytime soon.

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