OnePlus X not fully compatible with LTE carriers in the US


The OnePlus X is OnePlus’ third smartphone released till date, trailing its predecessor – the OnePlus and OnePlus2 – by not very far in release dates. The device, which would be launched to European markets today holds some prospects and would help to further push the brand’s name into the hearts of many.

However, with a plan in place to launch the device in United States’ markets on the 19th of November, you might want to think twice before you start putting some money away for this device.

Since the OnePlus X would be running mainly on two of United States’ main carriers – AT&T and T-Mobile – it is worthy of note that you would not be able to get optimal use of your LTE connection as the OnePlus X sparsely supports the LTE bands offered by these US carriers.

Coming with support for LTE Bands 1, 2, 4, 5, 7 and 8, the OnePlus X is not totally consistent with AT&T which offers LTE Bands of 2, 4, 17 and T-Mobile which offers its own at 2, 4, 12.

With OnePlus not planning on rolling out any LTE updates and these brands focusing more on there 12 and 17 bands, it is likely that you lose LTE coverage a lot of times. Barring these, you can purchase the OnePlus X (unlocked version) for $249 in US markets.

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