Oppo In China Sold Around 50 Million Smartphones In 2015


In the game of android sales, Chinese smartphone manufacturer Oppo’s star is getting higher. We found out that it sold around 50 million smartphones last 2015, and estimate of 67 percent growth.


The said sales spurt and placed them into top 10 smartphone brands in the market for first time, Oppo placed eighth place, with 3.8 percent global share versus 5.3 percent LG, 5.4 percent Lenovo; 5.6 percent Xiaomi; and 8.4 percent for Huawei.

As usual Samsung and Apple remain on the top, claimed as the two global smartphone players.

Just earlier this month, Xiaomi a Chinese smartphone maker has been lauded for its rapid increase in sales and said that they sold more than 70 million’ handsets just in 2015 alone. However the mentioned figure fell short of its own target sales of 80 million.

The fierce competition between Android OEMs in China is obviously not letting up. Oppo by no means as the latest entrant to smartphone market, and ranked among top 10 mobile makers globally before. The result shows that there is fortune in smartphone production.

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