Oppo R9 takes crown from Apple iPhones, becomes top seller in China

Since the year 2012, no one has been able to take a candle to the sales record that Apple’s iPhones have been recording in China but right now, another Asian OEM has claimed back their continent. Eliminating the last piece from the checkers board of Apple is Oppo, and they have claimed the crown with the kind of exploits that they recorded with the R9. 

According to a research that was published by Counterpoint Research, Oppo has managed to sell a whopping 17 million units of the Oppo R9 just last year alone, accounting for a 4% share in the market. Paling in comparison were the Apple iPhone 6s units which only sold 12 million units, representing some 2% of the market.
Another interesting figure to look at is the shipment figures for both companies – while that of Oppo rose by a massive 106%, Apple suffered a fall-back of 21% in the same timeframe.

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