OPPO Reveals Its First Ever Image Stabilizer For Smartphones Based on Sensors

The China based giant electronic company OPPO just announced that they already developed a sensor based image stabilizer that will be installed on smartphones.

OPPO Reveals Its First Ever Image Stabilizer For Smartphones Based on Sensors

The company claims that this breakthrough lead them as the first company to create a sensor based stabilizer, Oppo’s SmartSensor the world’s smallest stabilizer on all devices.

OPPO stated that it took years of research before SmartSensor was created, and bring cameras on smartphone step closer towards features found in most professional cameras.

Image stabilization traditionally lens based not a sensor based since it limits on how small the camera modules are made, and after all, consumers don’t like bulky camera ruining their phones.

SmartSensor uses advances in micro electro mechanical technology. Believe it or not, the system is as thin as two sheets of common paper, and can detect movement in 3 axes the phones stabilize on 2 axes and make precise compensations with monocrystalline MEMS.

Finally the future starts to come near, SmartSensor is energy efficient, thus it only requires fraction of power on its lens based stabilizers.

As to date, no exact details has been published in the first integration of the feature on smartphone cameras, so expected that its debut will be anytime soon.

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