Oppo also working on foldable screen device

Oppo also working on foldable screen device

It is no news that the owners of Oppo are in charge of the OnePlus and Vivo brand and the trio have been known to have churned out top of the line specs in the past and expectedly, the OnePlus 5T which will launch sooner than expected.

However, the tech company seems to be joining the bigger leagues to include South Korean tech companies, Samsung and LG in the race for the foldable smartphone.

Recall that Samsung and LG have been reported to have gotten patent rights for their foldable smartphones which is expected to debut next year, however, Oppo isn’t left out of the race as the tech company has also joined in on the race for a foldable smartphone.

Coming after ZTE released the Axon M device which comes with dual screens which can be straightened as one, Oppo was reported to have filed for a paten in China for the production of the foldable smartphone.

The images which surfaced online hints that about 25 to 35 percent of the top part of the phone will be bendable suggesting that the bendable part of the smartphone can be flipped either backwards or forward.

The smartphone as in the Axon M will most likely employ a single camera module on it with more information expected to be available in the coming weeks.


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