Oppo’s Vice President leaves to form own company with Cyanogen?

In the last couple days you might have heard that Oppo is working with Cyanogen Inc. to make a “perfect Android flagship device”.

Pete Lau, vice president of Oppo as of yesterday, was said to be met by members of the CyanogenMod team of which one of their members Steve Kondik posted on Google+:

“A few weeks ago, +Koushik Dutta and I were able to meet with +Pete Lau in Shenzhen and we began discussing our vision for a phone that would fuse truly amazing software with the highest quality hardware available. Together, we’re setting out to create that product. Stay tuned.”

And then he posted the picture of the three’s meeting:
Oppo's Vice President leaves to form own company with Cyanogen

Now, people thought that Oppo was going to team-up with CyanogenMod to make the “perfect Android flagship” but as it looks now, it seems Pete Lau is the breakaway who wants to form a new company and work with Cyanogen Inc.

CyanogenMod has been an independent geek group known for making custom ROMs for Android phones since the inception of Android OS. Their work has been commended tremendously in the past, with their ROMs sometimes performing better than the factory-made ecosystem on the phones.

Oppo is a Chinese phone maker formed from a part of BBK that ran off in 2004.

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