Oracle Revealed Google’s Income From Android


A thank your from a lawyer, now we know Google made $31 billion revenue and $22 billion profit from Android operating system. This was according to Bloomberg, lawyer for Oracle disclosed numbers which Google says confidential and should not be revealed in public during a court hearing last week in relation to the ongoing lawsuit between the two companies.

Google then asked the judge to redact and seal the said transcript due to Oracle’s attorney disclosing information from documents Google says for “attorney’s eyes only,” and strictly noted it does not break earnings for Android.

“Google does not publicly allocate revenues or profits to Android separate and apart from Google’s general business,” Google’s lawyers wrote in the filing. “That non public financial data was highly sensitive, and public disclosure could have negative effects on Google’s business.”

On the other hand, Oracle did not mention any methods used to obtain the stated figures attached to Android. But $31 billion total was correct. Google earned less money from Android throughout its existence than Apple earned from iPhone sales in 2015, when it brought $32.2 billion as revenue.

The Oracle’s lawsuit filed in 2010, accuses Google using modified version of Java owned by Oracle — to develop Android without any compensation. Google won an early ruling, but appeals overturned the decision and ruled favor of Oracle.

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