Over 70% of Galaxy Note 7 customers in Canada have turned in their smartphones for replacement

When Samsung launched the Galaxy Note 7 units initially and introduced it to the Canadian market, this was one of the regions where they recorded the most decent success on the smartphone and now again, they have recorded another success there as regards their recall programme which was launched worldwide.

According to the Canadian arm of the South Korean OEM, over 70% of the total users of the smartphone in that region have returned their smartphones for a replacement unit.

Before the recall was initiated, the amount of Galaxy Note 7s that had been sold in the region clocked up to 22,000 and already, replacement units have already started to arrive for those that have already turned theirs in and new users likewise. To differentiate these ones from those that had faults in them due to battery concerns, there is a small black sticker on the product packaging.

Still though, Samsung is pushing out the firmware update that would keep your battery bar green (instead of the normal white) to assure you that yours is not one of the faulty units and otherwise, warn you that you are in need of a replacement.

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