Overcrowded Samsung Milk Music To Be Shutdown

Milk Music fans going to hate this, so the overcrowded Samsung music streaming industry might be ending soon as it may need a bit more room for its users.

Overcrowded Samsung Milk Music To Be Shutdown

According to our latest source, Samsung has plan to shutdown Milk music(a two year old music premium service by Samsung). The original goal of the industry is to compete with Pandora. Well that plans seems to turn to be out something like a pipe dream to Samsung and now they will be closing it down for enormous operational expenses.

For the information of everybody, Samsung Mil Music is like a music service that works similar to other music playing service. Basically users can craft personalized radio stations, of course songs are created by music experts.

Milk service was exclusively offered to Samsung device owners, and later available to all who want to access it online. In 2014 the Milk Video was released, its function is to host short video content.

In 2015, Samsung shutdown its Milk Video service due to not much fanfare, as it appear that its Milk Music not that getting income same with the video service.

But based from our source the main reason for the company to shut down milk music was that it cost much on the operational expense without getting its expected returns to the company. And another reason was that users are already happy with the free version instead of getting the paid one.

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