Oxygen OS 3.1 rolls out to OnePlus 2, fixes QuadRooter vulnerability and addresses other issues too

A new update for the OnePlus 2 has started to roll out already and not to get too excited, the company itself has stated that the update would roll out in batches and would not reach all of the units of this device at once. This one is a coveted notification among the users of the smartphone given that they don’t enjoy this kind of software releases frequently and in a few days, everyone should have their hands on it.

Don’t get too happy and think that this update brings with it a bump to the next Android platform – far from it – but it does bring with it a whole repertoire of interesting changes that we are going to talk about now. For one, the update brings with it the security patch for the month of August and this also addresses the QuadRooter vulnerability that showed up and started to trouble Android phones.

Some issues that the device used to face with notifications have been erased, the Doze feature has been improved and the alert slider has been fixed. Not to forget, you won’t be having issues with your silent mode anymore.

These are the ones that we can name but trust that you would be seeing a lot of of bug fixes in the new software too.

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