Packaging photo leaks spec sheet, shows 32GB model of the iPhone 7

It is just a few days to the confirmed September 7 date when we would be getting to see the next generation iPhones and even at that, the devices have not stopped being subjects of constant leaks.

It has been rumoured sometimes ago that Apple is looking to ditch the 32GB memory variant as the base model on its smartphones from now on but some packaging information, which looks legit if we might add, seems to point in an otherwise direction.

This leaked spec sheet has everything about it similar to an earlier one leaked about the 256GB model of the bigger iPhone 7 Plus but even though the paper appears to have holes in it and even, stitched to another sheet entirely, the legitimacy is almost ten over ten.

Fromm now on, it would look like Apple really wants to ditch the 16GB model and now start offering the 32GB internal storage device as the new entry level model for interested users. All these would either be confirmed or debunked in days to come.

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