iPhone Xs didn’t sell quite as much as Apple predicted – Source

Steve Cooks-led tech giant Apple has screwed up over sales expectations, if the latest gossip coming from the California, USA company is anything to go by.

Insiders with knowledge of the matter say that Apple expected to sell many iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max units but recently ended up cutting production by a huge margin after seeing that the two smartphones were not doing quite as expected in the markets. Recall that the company, not too far ago, reduced production of the Xr model by as much as 33% because the sales numbers were not quite rolling in as desired.

Apple has now informed its outsourced manufacturer, Foxxcon to pipe down production of the flagship Apple iPhone Xs models due to lack of sales. Part of the reasons for the unfavorable sales could be the nearness of the release of the Xs models to the 2017 debut of the similar-looking X models. Both range of iPhones (Xs, Xs Max and X, X Max) are noticeably identical in terms of hardware and even to some extent similar in software.

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