Performance Comparison Between Sony Xperia X And Xiaomi Mi 5

Traditionally Xiaomi serves Asian Mobile Market, but talk’s points out that its latest flagship device Mi 5 will be the first smartphone device to be launch internationally.

Performance Comparison Between Sony Xperia X And Xiaomi Mi 5

In the meantime, Sony said that its Xperia X will be launch in Asia while other European countries are not yet available.

Both devices stick to 5 inches 1080 pixel format (Mi 5 is 5.15 inches, close enough). Both devices will be powered by Snapdragon 820 chipsets and heavily focused on its camera at 15 megapixels Xiaomi and 23 megapixels for Sony.

Xperia X is waterproof (only for X lineup) and it features Sony’s front-facing speakers. And the device has stunning brushed metal finished back.

Xiaomi Mi 5 on the other hand comes with glass and metal build, but its premium model use special type ceramics and at 128 gigabytes phone storage but take note, “NO MICROSD SLOT”.

Both companies have amazing design (that’s unquestionable), but pockmarked availability may slow down their market growth. So if it’s not yet available in your region just choose your pick, whether Mi 5 from Xiaomi or Xperia X Perfornance from Sony.

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