Peri Duo offers your iPhone very loud speakers, 3000mAh battery.


We have seen some pretty impressive technology on smartphones this year and one of these is the front-facing speakers that manufacturers have perfected for use. However, not all devices have these feature, even not the newest iPhones, and so we users in that category have to make an hollow with our hands behind the phone to get a meaningful output. This story has changed for iPhone users however.

The Peri Duo is a new iPhone casing system that does so much more than provide charging functions for your device. Coming with 3000mAh, we can say that this casing holds down its own when it comes to recharging but it also provides you with two extra speakers that are so loud, you shouldn’t be looking for something more on a mobile phone.

The Peri Duo is compatible with all of the iPhone 6, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6S Plus. The manufacturers are currently in the works to bring out an Android compatible variant of their innovation likewise so Android users shouldn’t feel left out for long.

It has various connectivity options, ranging from just inserting your iPhone into this casing (which offers an extra 150% battery life by the way) to a Bluetooth connection. It also has a feature called the Quick Link on board which offers support for Wi-Fi connectivity.

The pre-orders for the Peri duo would be sold at a promotional price of $119 after which the price would be bumped up to $189.

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