Phone case maker confirms iPhone 6 design

With the size of the torrents of leaks pouring unto the Internet in the past few weeks, it’s safe to accept that you are living under a rock if you haven’t heard of the upcoming Apple iPhone 6.

Most of the leaks we’ve seen have similar renders for the iPhone so we have the right to say that we know what to expect of the iOS-powered smartphone when it finally breaks cover.

To spice things up, the iPhone 6 has already been cloned in China  and will start shipping next month at four to five times cheaper than the expected price of Apple’s iPhone 6 version.

Phone case maker confirms iPhone 6 design
Today, popular phone case maker, Spigen, posted some phone protective accessories for the upcoming device on Amazon and in the process, posted the iPhone 6.

Keep in mind that these phone makers in most cases, are given just mold sizes of the phone they are working on, as well as volume and key placements and other information they need for making matching covers of these phones, the rest, usually are filled up with imagination and clue from Internet leaks.

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