Phone recovery from pit toilet turns deadly as two loose their lives

Two people lost their lives and another unconscious after a mission to recover a cell phone from inside a pit toilet turned into tragedy.

Phone recovery in pit toilet turns deadly as two loose their lives
The owner of the phone, a woman from Xinxiang City in Henan province, China, had somehow accidentally dropped her device inside the pit toilet of their home and she called in her husband to retrieve the object.

However, things turned tragic as the woman’s husband reached the bottom of the pit and collapsed. His mother, not oblivious of why he got unconscious in the pit, dived in to rescue her son. She discovered it was the fumes coming out from the decomposed waste products. But then it was too late as the fumes put her out and she fainted.

The situation was fast getting out of hand and the woman who lost her phone jumped in to save the day and like a movie, she too went out. Her father-in-law went in and lost consciousness too.

Seeing what was happening, two bystanders went inside the hole partially to try and rescue the victims. They had to get medical attention after the incident because the stench caused them to fall ill afterwards.

As people gathered at the scene, some volunteers were tied on the waist and dropped into the hole with a rope in turns as they retrieved the victims and finally, the phone — which witnesses said wasn’t worth more than $350.

The woman whose phone fell into the pit is currently in intensive care but her husband and mother-in-law weren’t lucky enough as they were pronounced dead at the hospital.Via

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