Piracy Problems On Android’s Forcing Game Developers For Free Games

The popular game “Alto’s Adventure” recently caused a blend the first time released on Android, this simple downhill game has its tagged price at $2.99 on Apple iPhone, but amazingly this game is free in Google operating system by purchasing some products.

Piracy on google games

Why do you thing the price is deference? Most game developers claimed that their applications are pirated that charging for every download makes it pointless. As the game owners get low sales in paid downloads than apple clients, this means that they have to spend at minimum on developing apps.

But this situation does not mean that developers will ditch Google Operating System, as game app like snowman can be added with new ways for developers to monetize its products.

Well for sure, developers already noticed this kind of situation, example the “Goat Simulator” the company claim that it sold 190 copies on China Androids, but the analytic clearly shows that there are more than 190 people playing the said game. And according to its investigation almost 99% are pirated. So meaning the actual sold copies was just 1% percent or less.

Basically Android applications are distributed in Android application package file. Many hackers can crack APKs, by just bypassing the security checks and look whether the current user bought the specific game.

Unlike in iPhone, wherein it’s harder to work with the core software, in Androids case it is an open source, not just that the codes accessible. Hackers can then access it and distribute its sites and even in torrent listings.

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