Popular Instagram App  Unexpectedly Closing Down

Things happen unexpectedly, Instagram might found something with it so just eight days after the app was launch, this time it will be a good bye for it.

Popular Instagram App  Unexpectedly Closing Down

The recently launched app by Instagram that let people see Instagram feeds to any of public user has its API access. Just less than eight days after its official announcement the app gained almost 40,000 users and the last day of the app additional 11,000 users downloaded it.

The popularity of the app could have been its fast downfall, especially that Apple was recently palcing it in the featured app on Apple’s Store page. There were not information released by the company whether it was the issue on the API access loss or it was really intentional to close down The company hasn’t yet confirmed whether the loss of access to Instagram’s API was intentional.

The Instagram catches every user in which it has the ability to let other people see the Instagram through eyes of third party users, example celebrities and even friends. The popular app pulled different users followed to recreate feeds on its app.

So let us take, any user can become “Kim Kardashian” and has the ability see all makeup artists and the friends she regularly follows.

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