Popular iOS Photo Service Everalbum Now on Android

Everalbum a popular photo service app from iOS platform now on Android, since its very first debut launch on Apple platform iOS last year, Everalbum gained traction over the world of apps, especially to countries like India, Europe and Brazil where adoption of mobile is fast.

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In its effort for the company to boost its global existence, they just announce that their iOS exclusive app will now be available in Android platforms.

What so special about about Everalbum is its vision of building the perfect product for the market, product that solves every need.

Andrew Dudum told on a statement that they will continue to create apps that will answer the problems in the digital age as proof of its goal last year they launched Everalbum for everyone to organize content from every device.

Of course for those who have not tried the app, you can always try the app and I am sure it will kick leave you speechless, Everalbum a photo storage similar with Google Photos designed to organize all photos that was taken, including the most popular social media sites like Instagram and the other one Facebook and organize all of them so you can retrieved it anywhere at ease.

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