Possible iPhone 7 look designed and released

The iPhone 6 is yet to enjoy itself very well in the market alongside its other variants and the smartphone users and Apple enthusiasts are already starting to develop theories around the next generation of iPhones – the iPhone 7. Taking it too far (which is a nice thing to note for Apple Inc. by the way) is the fact that Redditor Afikouras has employed imagination coupled with possible and leaked specifications over time to create a device (images) of premium build which could be the iPhone 7 of all our dreams.

The iPhone 7 concept has been built with the idea of a rumor that has stated that there would be a fingerprint scanner inherent in the home button that has become a trademark for Apple iPhones. The second concept employed for the build is an improved camera sensor technology, due to the fact that Apple recently made an acquisition of Linx (costing about $20 million) in early 2015. Lastly, the concept of an iPhone device that is the trio of buttonless, wireless and portless was also brought into the mix.

There’s a curved edge to the iPhone model to make it hold friendly and a further vintage hue that has been added to the bottom of the device. This is just a fantasy phone, but wouldn’t we like to see it?

Victoria Brinsley

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